About the Team

The Hillclimb Ladies Team stands as a dynamic collective of female racers, fusing social responsibility with the thrilling world of high-octane motorsport.

Emerging from the iconic Simola Hillclimb in Knysna, South Africa, this extraordinary team transcends conventional racing norms.

Annually, these devoted female drivers take to the track at the Simola Hillclimb, not just to chase victory but to elevate their mission of raising funds and awareness for initiatives that impact the Knysna community.

Beyond the exhilarating roar of engines, the Hillclimb Ladies Team is on a mission to break barriers and overcome biases.

They actively inspire and propel women into a traditionally male-dominated sector.

Why Support the Hill Climb Ladies Team?

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The Hillclimb Ladies Team's participation in races is heavily reliant on the support of sponsors and the generosity of our community.

Many of our racers self-fund, grappling with the financial burden of entrance fees, accommodation, travel, equipment, and maintaining their vehicles.

Your support is crucial in empowering these talented women to continue competing at the highest levels.

By sponsoring our team, you're doing more than just backing individual racers; you're investing in the future of women in motorsport and helping to dismantle the financial barriers that restrict their participation.


Andrea's journey into the racing scene began in 2017, inspired by her husband's love for the sport.

Since then, she has actively taken part in German classic car rallying, manoeuvring a Mini Cooper. Her racing style stands out as she..


Anita Cusens races in memory of her late father, Jerry Spaans, who passed away from cancer while under the care of Sun Gardens Hospice.

Mr Spaans, an avid classic car enthusiast...


Clare Vale, aka Mrs Fast, began racing in 2005, competing in various categories and focusing on endurance racing and drifting. She made history as the first...


Growing up on a farm with older siblings, Di developed a passion for mechanics.

Shared enthusiasm with a like-minded life partner deepened her appreciation for machinery.


Jen grew up surrounded by Porsches, as her father's workshop was just a few metres away.

After school, she spent many nights helping her father repair and assemble cars. Now a certified mechanic, Jen has successfully...


Passionate about empowering young women to discover their paths in the world, Landi has embarked on a remarkable journey.

With eight years of experience in riding...


Michelle's automobile journey began at the age of twelve when she learned to drive a 1965 Ford Fairlane.

As a successful female rally driver, she is influenced by Porsche aficionados and mentors.


Paige Lindenberg, born into a racing family, began her racing career at 7 with powerboats, transitioning to cars at 12.

She's competed in various motorsport types in the UK and Netherlands, securing victories...


Francis Cusens, affectionately known as Franki, harbors a deep passion for racing, driven by his love for speed and adrenaline.

His venture into racing commenced with the purchase of his dream Ferrari, only to discover his need for expertise in handling it...

Ways to Back the Team

The Hillclimb Ladies Team is dedicated to more than just competitiveness and speed. Their goal for the Simola Hillclimb is to inspire and impact significant change in their community as well as on the race track. You can participate in their inspirational journey in the following ways:

Members of the Hillclimb Ladies Team making a difference through local outreach.

Sponsorship Opportunities

Businesses and individuals have the opportunity to sponsor either the entire team or a specific driver. Sponsorship can come in various forms, such as monetary support, the provision of services, products, and equipment.

Promotional Support

Show your support by amplifying the team's efforts and the causes they champion. Share their journey on social media, within your community, and through your networks to boost their visibility and help make a difference.

Attend the Simola Hillclimb

Support the Hillclimb Ladies Team by attending the Simola Hillclimb Race. Your presence not only adds to the excitement of the day but also helps to show support for these talented female drivers. Experience the thrill of racing up the hill while contributing to a cause that empowers women in motorsport.

Our Amazing Sponsors

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The Hillclimb Ladies Team is more than just a race team; their commitment lies in making a positive impact on and off the race course.

By participating in their charitable initiatives, you're not just backing a racing team but also helping them give back to and influence the Knysna Community.

Your generosity fuels their goal to support worthy causes, creating a brighter future and making a difference both on and off the track.

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